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Located in the heart of the Barbican Estate, we provide expert and specialist dental care for you.

The practice was established over thirty years ago, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent quality dentistry in a relaxed and calm environment. We know you may be anxious, or nervous, and our team will talk you through your treatment, to make sure you feel more relaxed.


At Barbican Dental Practice, we focus on prevention of dental disease. Simple and cost-effective techniques can stop a disease process before it begins. That means you require less treatment in the long term and you can maintain your healthy smile. Speak to our team about simple measures you can take to prevent your smile deteriorating.


Of course, if you do require any treatment, we treat all dental problems from toothache, to bleeding gums to yellow teeth and more…!

Our range of treatments includes regular check-ups, to tooth whitening and veneers to name a few. See out treatment pages for more information on some of the treatments on offer. We like to stay at the forefront of dental innovation, and we also have a wealth of experience in providing composite bonding – a way to transform the look of your teeth without damaging them.


Our hygienist can help keep your smile sparkling with a hygiene appointment. Most people benefit from twice yearly cleanings which includes removing stains that build up from tea, coffee or wine. To keep your smile white and bright.

If an even brighter smile is what you’re after, speak to any member of our team about tooth whitening options.

Regular tooth cleanings also prevent gum disease, a silent disease that leads to tooth loss.

Periodontist London

Barbican Dental Practice benefits from a group of in-house Periodontal (gum) specialists (Periodontist London). Periodontist London is a group of Harley Street gum disease specialists who have a second location here in the heart of the City of London.

Gum disease affects up to 50% of adults, and is largely a painless and symptomless disease. The only way to detect it is to have a dentist diagnose it. Without treatment, your teeth will start getting loose, and eventually, they may fall out. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent this, and save your smile. Visit the Periodontist London website for more information on gum disease

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